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A Note to the Users of allMSU

Dear Loyal alMSU Community,

allMSU is back the hands of the original founder, it's time to bring the site back to its former glory!

I'm Ryan J Shaltry and I'm taking the lead on the technical improvements to the site, something that I'm certainly looking forward to and appreciate the opportunity to take the reigns again. There are several changes that will have a strong positive impact on the community.

One of the first actions I'll be taking is to revive the used books section so that you can use this to find the books you need for class. The new enhancements will allow you to easily find the lowest price across the Internet for your books and to buy them online knowing you are getting the best deal. And of course you can, as always use the used books section to buy or sell books with your fellow Michigan State students.

Another item that I'll be addressing as part of these initial enhancements is preventing abuse, SPAM and fraudulent use of the allMSU site, which is certainly not something that you as college students should have to worry about when using allMSU.

I'll be personally responding to support inquiries and will assist in any way I can to help make your allMSU experience as frustration-free as possible in the meantime. I also encourage you to send in your feedback and thoughts, which will be used to plan future development efforts.

We're looking forward to some great changes in the upcoming weeks with allMSU, and as always, I thank you for being a loyal member.

All the best,

Ryan J Shaltry
allMSU Founder

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